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Happy Canada day!

Some of Liberty team members are sharing with you why they love Canada: Candace Liberty tutor We are so lucky to be a part of a country that makes such an amazing effort to safeguard all of its cultural backbones, especially in regards to the Inuit, the French and...

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Furry Therapy

Does your child feel stressed this exam season? A furry therapy animal may be just what they need to help them feel more relaxed. A therapy animal (commonly a dog or cat) is trained to comfort to people in stressful or lonely situations. One can often find a therapy...

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Studying Tips for Students

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” -Robert Collier Exam period is a crucial time of the year. Many students find preparing for and writing exams stressful. This article provides four tips to help students learn effective studying...

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Studying Tips for Parents

Exam period is a crucial time of the year. As parents, we try our best to help our children go through this critical time peacefully and effectively. How can parents help their children through this challenge? Set an example for your children by keeping calm and...

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A Culture of Slowness

Reflection on the Ted Talk by Carl Honoré “People want to learn how to slow down, but they want to learn how to slow down very quickly!” – Carl Honoré As parents, we’re very busy with a multitude of tasks each day. We want to do more for the family, the kids, the...

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How can we help our children enjoy reading?

Children learn how to read in school, but rarely discover how to enjoy reading. Reading is quickly associated to homework and obligation. This situation is easy to understand when we see how teachers are busy with the school curriculum. They cannot always provide...

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