Discover Our Unique LibertyMap™

Education takes planning. That’s what our LibertyMap™ is all about. It gives your child the freedom to map out their own success path – with the help of their personal Liberty Tutor. It includes life skill topics such as, problem definition, goals, objectives, strategies and responsibilities – all written in age-appropriate language.

Once the LibertyMap™ is complete, it becomes a form of learning contract between the student, the tutor and you.

In other words, a license to succeed.


The Elementary LibertyMap™ Shapes Students

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a sound, elementary education. Good and bad learning habits all start here.

If we don’t identify and correct learning habits at this early age, odds are we never will. What better way to do it than through our unique LibertyMap™? Here your child actually documents ways to improve his or her performance – then acts on the written goals under the guidance of your Liberty Tutor.

The Secondary LibertyMap™ Supports Youth

Now more than ever, high school education is a competitive one.

No one knows this better than your child. He or she can clearly see the writing on the post secondary education road. The last thing they want or need is their parent reminding them of this fact of life.

That’s where Liberty Tutoring comes in.

We encourage the student to create the LibertyMap™ that fits to their personal goals towards higher education. We don’t push – we guide and mentor. All of our tutors have been there before and know how to get to the next level with young adults. Our Achievers have the experience to lead your child through the high school minefield – while encouraging them to continue on to a post secondary education.

Call it arm’s-length sibling support.