Our Student-Centric Approach

At Liberty Tutoring our mission is to help students realize their true potential through personalized 1-on-1 tutoring.

Our unique approach to developing independent learning skills is best demonstrated by how we start to work with your child. Each student is asked to complete a personal LibertyMapping™. This learning plan establishes clear goals for both the student and the tutor. It becomes the basis for individual lesson plans and measurement standards that are best suited to each child.

Because we believe your child's learning capabilities are unique.

In addition to personalized lesson plans, regular bimonthly assessments are conducted by the Liberty Tutor, with the student and parents. Parents also receive written progress reports and telephone follow-ups from us.


We Come to Your Kitchen

For younger students, there’s no place like home for individual attention.

That’s why Liberty Tutoring comes to you. Whether it be in your kitchen, dining room or study. There’s a personal comfort factor that helps the goal of individual academic success. Not to mention the safety and convenience of you not having to drive your child to yet another extra-curricular activity.




FREE Initial Consultation

Unlike many leading tutoring firms, Liberty Tutoring does not charge anything for the initial assessment of your child’s tutoring needs. We do this for the simple reason that our goal is to build strong working relationships and deliver lasting results – not a quick fix.