Our Tutors are "Achievers"


We believe in achieving.


We recognize that “tutors” don’t just teach. They can also play an important part in each student’s personal development by listening to their concerns and needs. And in today’s smaller family sizes, tutors can become positive role models and mentors for your child. Our tutors do not take this responsibility lightly.

Our tutors’ proven success at reaching their goals is the reason we refer to them as "Achievers”. They can inspire your child to dream big and assist them in accomplishing those dreams.

Our Achievers excel academically and exhibit first-class teaching skills. They share strong personalities, an ability to play a positive leadership role and a genuine desire to assume the responsibility of helping your child succeed. The team at Liberty supports our Achievers’ strengths by offering consistent training programs to better their teaching abilities.

Before you choose Liberty Tutoring, remember that we choose our university student Achievers very carefully.

They must have the passion to inspire.