Liberty Tutoring was founded with the mission to give students an everlasting sense of achievement and lead them towards becoming independent learners. The original company, PDK Tutoring, was established in 2004 in Montreal, by two individuals who wanted to make a difference in students' lives. The company changed its name to Liberty Tutoring in 2009 to better represent its true identity and mission.

To date, Liberty Tutoring has moved successfully towards achieving its vision and has been able to establish itself as a leader in 1-on-1 tutoring. In 2011, Liberty Tutoring expanded its services to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Since inception, Liberty’s pioneering methods have contributed to a growing list of satisfied parents. Their satisfaction has led to the growth of the company in Westmount, Cote Saint-Luc and the West Island of Montreal, as well as in Kitchener and Waterloo.


Our Student-Centric Philosophy

We truly believe that your child can achieve anything they want in life. Liberty Tutoring can help them discover their hidden potential. With our tutor’s support, they will soon realize that they can successfully overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

This ideal outcome is possible when students take active roles in their own education. That’s why Liberty has developed unique evaluation and goal setting methods that encourage students to be more active in their tutoring process. It allows them to personally monitor, evaluate and optimize their own progress – before reporting it to you.

Liberty Tutoring also recognizes the key role parents play in their child’s learning process. Your ongoing input will help us pave the way to their success.