Independence Gives Your Child the Liberty to Succeed

Every child has unique gifts and every child learns in different ways. The secret to a successful education is not just in the schools you choose – whether they be private or public, it’s how you optimize their educational experience – so they will ultimately be free to go their own way.

It’s all about the individual attention they simply can’t get in a school or a group-tutoring environment.

Liberty’s goal-oriented approach has been engineered to create an environment for the optimum development of independent learning skills from pre-school to high school. Plus, we’ve rejuvenated the historic dimension of older student mentorship in tutoring. Something you can only achieve in a one-on-one tutoring environment.

At Liberty Tutoring, we take great care to ensure that your one-on-one tutor is well matched to your child. And you always have the option to change your tutor if the relationship isn’t working out.



Research Supports One-on-One

A 2007 report on tutoring by the Canadian Council on Learning could not have said it better than we at Liberty Tutoring can.

“One-on-one tutoring, in particular, can help students overcome the anxiety often encountered in classrooms where rewards are based on performance. By contrast, the reward for tutored students is usually the learning process itself, and success is based on effort and practice. Similar gains in self-confidence are made by at-risk students, who also show improvements in classroom behaviour and self-control.”

A report* from the American Educational Research Journal also reinforces the superior effectiveness of 1-on-1 tutoring for teaching reading skills.






* Slavin, R. E., Madden, N. A., Karweit, N. L., Livermon, B. J., Dolan L. (1990). Success for All: First-Year Outcomes of a Comprehensive Plan for Reforming Urban Education. American Educational Research Journal, Vol. 27, No. 2, 255-278.